YouTube scraper creation: benefits and challenges

Here we will go through the main technologies of creating YouTube scraper and get closer to some Python script example for YouTube channel data crawling. What information can be parsed on YouTube Any data we see on YouTube in our common browser can be parsed: Channels, Playlists, Videos (including description and some statistics), Comments (YouTube […]

How to use Twitter API

How to use Twitter API A continuous flow of news, posts, publications, event reviews, goods, and services on social networks is a source of data that can be effectively used in business analytics and decision-making. We will discuss in this article how to use Twitter API and how to use Twitter search API. Twitter has […]

How to search and parse usernames for Twitter audience

You may have heard of the power of creating your own personalized advertising audience (i.e. based on real people rather than audience segments). Twitter calls this “Specially selected audience”. Facebook calls it “Custom Audience”. Google calls it “Customer Matching”. Whichever platform you use, you’re trying to create the perfect message for the perfect audience for […]

Parsing the science section on v 1.0

This work is dedicated to parsing the site, section – science to create a database of posts. The purpose of this work is to accumulate information. The obtained information can be further used for semantic analysis and practice in Big Data analysis. The goal includes a set of tasks: to select the necessary libraries; […]

How do I parse people’s data from the social network Facebook?

5 things you should know before parsing data from Facebook In fact, Facebook prohibits any parsers Before parsing the site, you should first check its robots.txt file. Robots.txt is a file used by websites to inform “bots” whether they are allowed to scan and index a given site. You can access the file by adding […]

10 sites to parse Instagram accounts.

Do you know what the percentage of subscriptions in follow-ins depends on? It depends on how well the target user base was gathered. The quality of the collection (the ratio of subscriptions to the total size of the base), in turn, depends directly on: thematic proximity of the base to your account; its “purity”. Let […]