Google maps scraping – important data and helpful tools

Even if you had a bad mark in Geography during your school days, you have used Google maps at least once. We will try to figure out how and when you may need Google maps data parsing. Useful data for data crawling on Google maps The main reason to use Google maps scraper tool is […]

How to work with JSON format

JSON is a text-based data exchange format based on a multi-paradigm programming language. It is used to store and transmit structured information flow. Using simple rules of structure formation from symbols to JavaScript, the person can provide an easy and reliable way of data storage, whether it is a simple number, whole lines, or a […]

PDF data to HTML data extraction for “Dummies”

Journalists receive a lot of data in PDF format – it can be tables with data embedded in reports or spreadsheets that have been carefully saved as PDF files before being sent to you by email. But unless you convert the data into a spreadsheet, you will not be able to use it. Fortunately, there […]

JSON vs XML: What’s the Difference?

JSON vs XML: What’s the Difference? When to use JSON vs XML? What is difference between XML and JSON with example? Apart from HTML, pictures, and videos on the site must be transmitted and displayed various information. To transfer information both for the integration and for websites we use certain data formats. JSON and XML […]

How to use Twitter API

How to use Twitter API A continuous flow of news, posts, publications, event reviews, goods, and services on social networks is a source of data that can be effectively used in business analytics and decision-making. We will discuss in this article how to use Twitter API and how to use Twitter search API. Twitter has […]

Why is Python most popular for parsing

Nowadays parsing is a common task for any programmer. It doesn’t matter what programming language you know best, you can be sure it is possible to use your favorite language for sites scrapping, because 90% of time while parsing you deal with HTML structure, JSON data and regular expressions, not the syntax of language itself. […]

How to extract data from any website: web scraping techniques

Web scraping or web harvesting is a process of extraction a large sets of data from web pages for different profits. All the methods of web scraping can be divided in two groups: basics and advanced techniques. Basic techniques – allow you to gather information automatically from webpages using third party online services, applications or […]

TOP 5 Proxies in 2020

Rotary proxies are significantly fitter for complicated web-scraping job. Because the most sought-after web-sites apply counter-hacking technologies that discover irregular activity, mainly sudden changes in traffic from one IP address, employing proxies and actual IP addresses aids in avoiding blockage and safely retrieve the necessary info. Mentioned proxy servers will create an impression that several […]