How to use Twitter API

How to use Twitter API A continuous flow of news, posts, publications, event reviews, goods, and services on social networks is a source of data that can be effectively used in business analytics and decision-making. We will discuss in this article how to use Twitter API and how to use Twitter search API. Twitter has […]

Everything about API and its Usage in Affiliate Marketing

Fancy learning everything regarding API? Are you interested in Affiliate API and its usage? Let’s go then! Warmer There is hardly a person who can disagree with the opinion that today, API is all around and has already turned into integral compound the sphere of technology, business in affiliate marketing, and something that we cannot […]

Comparison of different types of parsing proxies

parsing data

HTTP(S) proxies, SOCKS4/5 proxies, dedicated proxies, shared proxies, open proxies, anonymous proxies, elite proxies, reverse proxies… Confusing? Read this article to find out about them all. A proxy can be seen as an intermediary between you and the web server hosting the right site. The proxy receives the request and then forwards it to the […]

Top 10 tools for monitoring competitor prices in 2019-2020

scraping monitor

Top 10 tools for monitoring competitor prices in 2019-2020 Today people first study and compare prices online before they buy or order something. Obviously, the experience of interaction with the company is the main factor for the transition of one-time buyers to regular customers. However, price is no less a driving factor, especially for new […]