The choice of proxy depends on the task. As a rule, ordinary users need proxy servers to hide their real IP address and thus gain access to blocked resources.

For the online shop owners, managers, site optimizer and other professionals involved in this tool is necessary to compile a semantic core, product or service promotion, driving up the number of subscriptions, likes, and other equally important tasks.

Classification of proxy servers

Proxy servers can be divided into three main types:

By using proxy servers, you can find the best way to bypass regional blockages and use the Internet unlimited.

To pay or not to pay, that’s the question

Free proxies have their pros and cons. Some benefits of free servers are:

Among the disadvantages of public proxies can be highlighted:

Plate processes

Individual proxy servers, which are issued in one hand, have no disadvantages, except for the subscription fee. Paid proxies are recommended to use, for safe information protection, qualified SMM-promotion, for professional and fast work with announcements, as well as for solving other problems that require increased security and anonymity.

Thus, to get anonymous proxies, you should only from verified and reliable providers to which it is possible to carry the Proxy company, where any network user can choose an anonymous and safe server for any purposes for a reasonable price.

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