What data can you get using Twitter scraper?

Each message on this social network is limited by 280 characters, but the number of tweets published daily is still growing and according to the latest research exceeds 500 million (Mention, 2018). From this huge pool of data you can for sure get some treasures of information depending on what exactly you are looking for. […]

How do I parse people’s data from the social network Facebook?

5 things you should know before parsing data from Facebook In fact, Facebook prohibits any parsers Before parsing the site, you should first check its robots.txt file. Robots.txt is a file used by websites to inform “bots” whether they are allowed to scan and index a given site. You can access the file by adding […]

10 sites to parse Instagram accounts.

Do you know what the percentage of subscriptions in follow-ins depends on? It depends on how well the target user base was gathered. The quality of the collection (the ratio of subscriptions to the total size of the base), in turn, depends directly on: thematic proximity of the base to your account; its “purity”. Let […]