Twitter sentiment analysis – what people think about your brand

Sentiment analysis is an automated process of extraction and analyzing data considering customers’ expectations, preferences and aversions from natural language texts – reviews, blogs or social media records. Twitter sentiment analysis gives companies a better understanding of what people think about their brand, service, product features or any particular topic. We have already discussed how […]

What data can you get using Twitter scraper?

Each message on this social network is limited by 280 characters, but the number of tweets published daily is still growing and according to the latest research exceeds 500 million (Mention, 2018). From this huge pool of data you can for sure get some treasures of information depending on what exactly you are looking for. […]

How to search and parse usernames for Twitter audience

You may have heard of the power of creating your own personalized advertising audience (i.e. based on real people rather than audience segments). Twitter calls this “Specially selected audience”. Facebook calls it “Custom Audience”. Google calls it “Customer Matching”. Whichever platform you use, you’re trying to create the perfect message for the perfect audience for […]

Parsing the science section on v 1.0

This work is dedicated to parsing the site, section – science to create a database of posts. The purpose of this work is to accumulate information. The obtained information can be further used for semantic analysis and practice in Big Data analysis. The goal includes a set of tasks: to select the necessary libraries; […]

Instagram parsing

To start building a business on Instagram, you need to prepare your account carefully and choose the right strategy to promote it. Often, the account promotion on Instagram is a routine job: a subscription to users, unsubscription from those who are not in Instagram, who have not signed up in response, sending out direct mail […]