TOP 5 Proxies in 2020

Rotary proxies are significantly fitter for complicated web-scraping job. Because the most sought-after web-sites apply counter-hacking technologies that discover irregular activity, mainly sudden changes in traffic from one IP address, employing proxies and actual IP addresses aids in avoiding blockage and safely retrieve the necessary info. Mentioned proxy servers will create an impression that several […]

Proxy server: classofocation, characteristics, selection rules

The choice of proxy depends on the task. As a rule, ordinary users need proxy servers to hide their real IP address and thus gain access to blocked resources. For the online shop owners, managers, site optimizer and other professionals involved in this tool is necessary to compile a semantic core, product or service promotion, […]

What is a Proxy server and what is it for?

A proxy server is an element of the network infrastructure that serves as an intermediary between a client computer (terminal, browser, application) located on the internal network and another server that is located on the external network or vice versa. A proxy server is used for solving the above tasks: security enhancement privacy protection resource […]