Parsing and web page processing in PHP

PHP HTML parser: web page processing tools in PHP Today, there is a growing question of whether to process any information or save something from a third-party site. This may be necessary for various reasons: to fill the site with content, updating the technical specifications in the online store, downloading various information, and so on. […]

10 modern tools to parse information from websites, including competitors’ prices

Web scraping tools are designed to retrieve, collect and share any open information from websites. These resources are needed, when any data from the Internet, needs to be quickly spun and stored in a structured form. Site scraping is a new data entry method, that does not require re-entry or copying. For example, this service […]

Comparison of different types of parsing proxies

parsing data

HTTP(S) proxies, SOCKS4/5 proxies, dedicated proxies, shared proxies, open proxies, anonymous proxies, elite proxies, reverse proxies… Confusing? Read this article to find out about them all. A proxy can be seen as an intermediary between you and the web server hosting the right site. The proxy receives the request and then forwards it to the […]

Is it legal to parse sites?

parsing sites

Introduction Do you have to review your competitor’s sites? You can gain a certain competitive advantage, if you know how other companies work. However, you need to receive such data not once, but on a regular basis. Do you want to parse sites, but not sure if this is legally acceptable? Don’t worry about it. […]