How to automatically pull data from a website

Excel spreadsheets are a popular data format familiar and comprehensible to many people. Most of web services and applications for data extraction allow users to save a result on a Google Drive as an online spreadsheet or on a local computer as a simple Excel workbook or CSV file. Today we will discuss how to […]

Parsing email addresses, hoe to parse email’s

For normal mailing, we need a large mailing list, which still needs to be filled up. A good database of potential customers has several tens of thousands of contacts. Of course, such things are not made up manually. The collection of email addresses is done with the help of a special program – parser. What […]

Travel site parsing in real-time

PHP parser step by step Technology The cURL library helped us to make a correct request and process the data. This library is a more advanced alternative to PHP function – file_get_contents. In contrast, cURL allows us to work with cookies, with headers, allows us to send forms and navigate through redirects. A peculiar feature […]

Parsing for business. How it works and what it’s for.

Though there are negative reviews from some businesses, we believe that parsing is profitable and user-friendly, it allows collecting the necessary information in the network for taking important administrative decisions. How parsing works and what its use in business, so we decided to analyze this material. We excluded boring definitions from the material, as they […]