Not all people use WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger: there are times when you still prefer a good old text message. We have collected a list of one of the best apps.

Many of you probably can send multiple messages as part of your plan, but let’s face it: these SMS messages are not very popular compared to apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. You may want to turn off Facebook and WhatsApp, keeping in mind your privacy concerns. Then it makes sense to download an SMS application to have a better text experience with enhanced security, settings, etc.

Best in terms of theme: GO SMS Pro

go sms pro application

GO SMS Pro is a great all-round text message application. It helps you get the most out of your unlimited text messages on your plan. There are some ads in this app, but often you need to click on animated pictures to see them. You will have great features, but the best thing about this app is that it includes themes and stickers.

The themes in the GO SMS Pro app are really well designed and integrate perfectly with its interface. You need to download them from Google Play, so once you download, you can easily customize them. Many of the themes are free, but if you want something special, you will have to pay extra.

The “Postpone sending” option is a good idea to activate, in case you’ ve made a mistake. This is not uncommon: we had a lot of messages that we sent, but then we really wanted to turn back the clock. If you’ve ever accidentally sent something abusive to a contact on your list, you’ll probably want to use the blacklist feature to prevent such messages from being sent.

Best in terms of configuration: Handcent Next SMS

Handcent Next SMS (Best texting with MMS,stickers)

It takes a few minutes to set up Handcent Next SMS, and this application includes great setup features that will give you a smooth personal experience, making text messages enjoyable and similar to messenger applications such as WhatsApp or WeChat. Handcent Next SMS also has features such as holiday e-cards or text messages for birthdays or holidays.

The configuration options of Handcent are really good and we strongly recommend you to use them. You can use skin shells for this application interface – there are several good options to choose from, which are frequently updated. There are also some very good topics. The built-in customization features will surely appeal to you, as they change the way you interact with text messages in general.

Best in terms of simplicity: Android Messages

 Android Messenger

We are not fans of Hangouts, who complicates the simple process of sending messages. Android Messenger is a very different story. It uses many of the best Hangouts features, without any extra action. Messages have a discreet interface and in addition to sending text messages, you can also take photos and record audio messages inside the app. It’s a typical Google app with the basics of what it should do.

Best for multiple devices: MySMS


MySMS has rave reviews from media and users. It is available for Windows, Mac, and web browsers as well as Android, which means you can send messages from your computer or tablet using your Android number.

MySMS also supports group messaging and MMS, message scheduling, message export, and backup, and can connect to services such as Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Many of the advanced features require a premium membership, but $9.99 per year is unlikely to seriously drain your wallet for using this app.

Best in terms of security: Signal Private Messenger

Signal - private messenger

If you often miss by negligence, it’s hard to overlook the Signal Private Messenger. It’s more than safe – you can’t even take screenshots of this application. Signal Private Messenger (also known as TextSecure) will encrypt your private messages using end-to-end encryption protocols once you register your phone number.

As you probably know, security services in many countries have a tendency of intercepting SMS content as it passes through the data centers. Signal only processes encrypted content, so your messages are safe on the move. All of your attachments are also encrypted.

Best in terms of comprehensive service: chomp SMS

chomp SMS

chomp SMS has long been and has become one of the most popular Android applications. Its features include a huge choice of emoji, password locked apps, message blocking, multiple privacy settings, blacklists, and quick pop-ups, not to mention enormous settings. To all of this, it offers compatibility with Pushbullet and Android Wear.

Best in terms of skin: QKSMS


QKSMS is one of the most beautiful SMS applications we’ve seen, offering Material Design, as well as a range of topics, night mode, customization, quick response, group messaging, message scheduling, and more in a non-advertising environment. The main app is free, but if you want to unlock all the color options and advanced features, you can get a premium mode for $1.99.

Best in terms of versatility: EvolveSMS

EvolveSMS - Simple Orange

EvolveSMS is a Google enabled SMS application, that we would like to see in place of Hangouts. EvolveSMS is very functional, with multimedia message support (including GIF) and Smartwatch compatibility. The orange by default interface looks great, but you can also get more themes if you spend some amount on the setup package.

Scrolling between conversations and the navigation bar is very easy, plus there are many preset settings. If you want the SMS application to do everything you need, then use Evolve.